About Us

IMEL DESIGN  is one of Europe’s leading companies specialized in design, manufacturing and distribution of LED illuminated signs  for outdoor and indoor, POS & Retail Displays,wide format outdoor-indoor LED screens with diferrents pixel pich ,acrylic holders and et.c.  We have constantly been evolving with the latest modern technologies and equipment, whilst at the same time preserving our traditions for high quality standards. With a main manufacturing based in East Europe, we are a preferred supplier forOutdoor-indoor Advertising, Point of Sale and Displays for the Retail industry.

You have probably heard about us, or at least you have bought something from the products we have manufactured. Imel Design has been creating and developing ideas for brands all over the world, by helping increase sales in all areas of the industry. Our biggest aim has always been to provide you with the highest quality advertising products, created with care and attention to every detail. Each product is designed and manufactured with our highly qualified staff consisting of psychologists, designers, engineers and constructors. Working with new customers from different sectors and cultures always inspires us to push the boundaries!

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Cosmetic stands

Cosmetic stands

Acrylic holders / 2017

Led  single color  displays

Led single color displays

LED screens / 2017

Light boxes

Light boxes

Външна Реклама / 2016

pole sign with  Led screen P2.5

pole sign with Led screen P2.5

LED screens / 2018

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